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R&D Unit 

Research and Development (R&D) Unit of Zar Industrial Group

Research and Development or R&D Unit, as the most essential constituent of any industrial organization, plays an important and vital role in production process. In the world of today, fulfillment of research and development activities not only are not considered as cost but are considered an essential investment. The volume of this investment in the level of corporations and countries are on increase and the volume of this investment is thought to be an index of development of the corporation and the country. R@D system nowadays is considered among scientific activities. The industrialized countries allocate considerable part of their income and human force to official applied research activities and technology expansion through non-profit organizations and or manufacturing and trading units. A good part of new and advanced materials, products, processes, and systems are results of R&D activities and these are the final sources of economic progress.The function of R&D unit is result of systematic cooperation of several main sub-systems which altogether materialize what is expected from R&D unit. Strategic rethinking, project planning, project imp[lamentation, and exploitation of project results are line sub-systems and R&D management is thought to be R&D staff whose duty is support, leading, and supervising on the functions of other sub-systems.

What is R&D?

Research and development (or R&D) is “creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications.” (Freeman 1974)The research and development process is recognizing the needs or talents, bringing thoughts into existence, creation, design, production, introducing and propagation of a new product or new technological system.UNESCO has defined R&D as any type of cohesive and creative activities for promoting the level of knowledge and science whether related to man or culture or society and using this knowledge for new applications.As defined by Industries and Mines Organization, some activities of research and development units are as follows:

  • Carrying out development and applied research
  • Absorbing adjustment, amendment, initiation, and development of technology
  • Waste and minimization of pollutants management
  • Promoting efficiency through appraisal and factors promotion
  • Optimization of existing processes while emphasizing on higher degree of automation
  • Products development based on qualitative criteria
  • Designing new products with due regard to their applied advantages
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Increasing the share of domestic materials and sources in products
  • Decreasing the cost price and raw materials cost in production
  • Processing minerals up to reaching the final product

Activities of R&D Unit of Zar Industrial Group

Blessed by Almighty God, thanks to special attention of the chairman and members of the board of directors, and in line with continuous initiation and improvement of the quality of the products of Zar Industrial Group, the R&D Unit started its activities primarily in year 2007. One of the most important new products of year 2007 was wheat bran that was produced in cooperation and collaboration of Flour Production Unit and Flour Quality Control Unit. The endeavour of group continued in later years. In year 2008, the R&D Unit was strengthened and expert researchers having Master Degree, the activities continued more intensive. Production of barley flour and wheat germ (as two much valuable and in the meanwhile applied products in foodstuff industries specially in macaroni production) inspired the R&D Unit to prepare project for producing barley macaroni and wheat germ. Promotion of milling quality, producing different types of flours for different purposes, and expansion of flour production lines are among other programs of this unit in recent years.With the aim of creating research and scientific beds, Research and Development Unit of Zar Industrial Group is trying to take modern steps, go up the ladder of progress, and to take great strides toward promotion of production, process, and consume culture with assuming science-centered approach. For achieving these aims, the Research and Development Unit relies on technical knowledge of R&D experts and scientific sources including research-scientific articles and essays of ISI, access to a library consisting of 2000 professional books of foodstuff industries, having relation with Iranian and foreign research centers as well the universities for carrying out joint research projects, consultation and collaboration in implementation of theses for Master Degree and Ph.D., establishment of Scientific and Applied Training Institute under supervision of the Ministry of Sciences and Research, organizing the courses related to flour and cereals, training experts for cereals and flour technology, studying the purchase of advanced research equipment, and establishment of Grains Research Center.

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