Today 10 June 2023
Quality Control Unit 

Quality Control Unit

Quality control means development, design, production, and rendering services and goods with economic and usable quality winning continuous satisfaction of the consumer.

The main duty of Quality Control Unit is formation of quality loops among different units of Zar Flour Company.

Considering the strategy of the company, the tasks for which Quality Control Unit is responsible for controlling the raw materials entered into the factory (wheat, bag, thread, chlorine, entered premix, different pesticides, and …) and continuous  controlling the wheat fed into flour production lines. Quality control unit which is fully and highly equipped, the intrinsic properties of entering wheat are studied and tested and are fed into production lines only when certified by this unit. Further, the products (different types of flour, bran, wheat germ) are studied by chemical, physical, and microbial tests to see if Annual certificates of ISO are mainly related to Quality Control Unit. According to indices, the number of non-adjustments are decreasing each year.

Programs related to washing and disinfection as well as fighting against insects and rodents are carried out by this unit n accordance to a fixed time schedule.

Zar Flour Company have put production of products such as inflated barley and wheat groats in their order of the day.



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