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Iran with Unequalled Advantages in Foodstuff Industry

Iran is an extensive country which can stand among the biggest and most important producers of food in the world. Iran enjoys unequalled advantages which very few countries have all of them altogether. The country has lands and climate suitable for growing different agricultural products. In the field of regional and international trade, Iran enjoys highly good strategic position and its nationwide rail transport infrastructures and easy access to international waters give Iran very effective conditions suitable for international trade. On the other hand, Iran has sufficiently taken benefit from modern technology and science and her expert and motivated human force are able to achieve highest efficiency in using these advantages.

Undoubtedly, standing in such a high place is possible by management fed by collective wisdom, team work, adhering to social responsibilities, trusting science-oriented youth, export-oriented production, paying special attention to research and development (R&D), competitiveness, and efficient production.


Zar Research and Industrial Group

Trusting the capabilities of the country and backed by 30-year successful and effective record of its founder in industrial and productive arena, Zar Research and Industrial Group laid its foundation in 1993 with opening a flour-producing unit which was put into operation in 1998. Since the, Zar Research and Industrial Group started to take firm strides in foodstuff industries. Zar Research and Industrial Group opened semolina flour production line which was first in Iran.

Simultaneous with expansion of flour factory, Zar Research and Industrial Group opened its factory for producing different types of pasta in 2005 and thanks to very high-quality products succeeded to establish good share for the group in domestic market. The success was such that the group enabled to reach fivefold increase in production capacity along with installing new production lines.




Today the group is in fact the biggest Iranian exporter of different types of pasta and macaroni and stands on first platform of Iranian pasta industry. The group, creating competitive atmosphere in the industry and as the first producer of macaroni and pasta with semolina flour in Iran, plays important role in promotion of the quality of Iranian products. This success has been so effective that now, Iranian pasta products have entered into international competitions successfully and being honoured.

On the other hand, the Group has increased the number of its cereals silos and has succeeded to reach the highest capacity for storing. Further, with its five flour production lines, the groups stands first among in respect of capacity among the flour producers in Iran.



In a line with implementation of development plans for achieving meritorious place in industry and trade of world food, the young managers and staff of this industrial group have started construction of the biggest cereals deep processing factory complex with annual capacity of four million tons with unique capability of having access to rail network. This complex will include units for producing different types of starch, flour, gluten, industrial bread, liquid sugar, macaroni, pasta, cake, cookie, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, infant food, inflated cereals, corn flakes, and provender and will be equipped with big silos for storing the materials and products.


Adhering to Social Responsibilities


In a line with fulfillment of social responsiveness roles, paying special attention to the necessity and importance of training experienced and science-oriented human force, achievement of the aims of sustainable development, and providing firm supports for foodstuff industry, the group has established scientific-applied training institute. The students of this center receive theoretical lessons and increase their skill and working abilities by using the possibilities and facilities of the factories of the group. Certainly, when these student graduate from the institute will be able to work in industries with their highest degree of efficiency.

Further, in direction with development of public health, Zar Research and Industrial Group has completed the project of construction and equipping a hospital in Ghahan Village of Khalajestan.


Medals, Logos, and Appreciation Tablets and Statuettes

It is definitely true that receiving tens medals, certificates, tablets and statuettes from reputable domestic and foreign organizations as well as receiving certificates of national standards and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and all other quality guarantee certificates, the most notable ones have been enumerated below, attest the capability, merit, and efficiency of this research and industrial group.


  • Tablet and statuette of the sole National Exemplary Exporter in macaroni industry of Iran in three consecutive years


  • Tablet and statuette of Consumers Rights Supporter in four consecutive years
  • Tablet and statuette of the sole National Exemplary Standard Unit in two consecutive years


  • One-Star Quality Fame Certificate
  • Organizational Promotion Certificate in Two-Star Level
  • Food and Drug Quality Fame Certificate
  • Tablet and statuette of National Production-National Honour Festival in three consecutive years 


  • Exemplary R&D Unit, awarded by Foodstuff Industries Experts
  • Tablet of Young Producers Festival in four consecutive years
  • Tablet and statuette of Superior Unit awarded by Deputy Office of Foodstuff and Drugs, Ministry of Health


  • Diamond statuette and tablet from Distribution System Management Conference


Now that Zar Research and Industrial Group has captured highest share in domestic market, has promoted to meritorious place within the country, and in the meantime has penetrated into markets of many countries, certainly as a result of its development plants (which are in progress seriously and backed by its committed human force) it will be a better-known name in the world.

Chronicle of the Group’s Activities



Establishment of Zar Flour Company


Completion of Construction and Commissioning of Zar Flour Factory


The first semolina flour production line in Iran was put into operation 


Establishment of Zar Macarone Company


Completion of Construction and Equipping Zar Macaroni factory


Appearance of Zar Macarone products as the first Iranian macaroni with semolina flour in domestic and foreign markets 



Winning the title of the sole National Exemplary Exporter in macaroni industry of Iran



Winning the title of the sole National Exemplary Exporter in macaroni industry of Iran for second time



Beginning of flour and macaroni expansion project and commissioning Zar Macarone expansion project 



Commissioning new production line of Zar flour and increasing the storing capacity



Acquiring the highest record in cereals storing and flour production in one place in the country



Tenfold increase in production capacity of Zar macaroni (ten time more than capacity in establishment year, that is, 2006



Registering and introducing Semolina Plus brand


Establish,ent of Zar Scientific-Applied Training Center


Registering five new invention in macaroni and pasta production 


Obtaining license for construction of Cereals Deep Process Factories in 14 branches with capacity of four million tons from the Ministry of Industries



Winning the title of the first and sole National Exemplary Exporter in macaroni industry of Iran for third time  


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