Today 2 December 2022
The Third Annual Conference of Sales
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The Third Annual Conference of Sales and Distribution Representatives of Zar Macarone for Examining the Science-Based Distribution and Sale was held in United Arab Emirates. The managers and the sales representatives in Iran and abroad were present in the conference.


According to the Public Relations of Zar Research and Industrial Group, the conference which is held annually with aim of creating more coordination between production and distribution chains have had effective role in achieving the aims of the Group. The Third Conference, held in UAE, focused on international commercial relations.   



“Morteza Soltani, the managing director and founder of Zar Research and Industrial Group, extending warm welcome to the representative and their families, said: “Today, Zar Research and Industrial Group is a big family in industry of the country. What the Group has achieved is the fruit of love, support, and loyalty of the families of colleagues acting in production and distribution. This love and support created the energy needed for day-and-night endeavour of all of us to acquire lawful livelihood for our family and honour for our country. I said in last year’s conference that the Group has paved the way for great jumping, and now I say that, blessed by Almighty God and thanks to your all supports, that jumping has taken place.”



Pointing to the executive programs of the Group in past years, he added:



“Within past five years, we succeeded to increase the production capacity to a level which is several times higher and you know better that this is a record. In distribution section, the activities and planning of the colleagues in distribution network has made Zar Macarone the first brand in the country. Zar Research and Industrial Group has other long-term goals too. Those living inside our borders are one percent of the world’s population and 99 per cent of the market is beyond the borders of our country. By a look of export-centered production, by relying on humanistic and virtue-oriented ethics, and finally by emphasizing on science-based distribution system, we have to take greater stride and more effective jumping to sit on place of first brand in the region.”



Emphasizing on the necessity pg vast and science-centered distribution network, Soltani said: “Traditional look at sale cannot match this great and worldwide aim and it is necessary to prepare the preliminaries now through relying on science and science-centered young human force. Considering your brilliant record in this field, certainly  you are at the front line of this great stride.”


Amir Masoud Vakil, the manager of Domestic Marketing of the Group too delivered a speech and explained to the audience the marketing programs of current year and the marketing mechanism of the superior representatives. Then some participants put forward their outlooks and opinions by delivering speech.


At the end of the ceremonies, the selected participants of the conference were appreciated.


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