Today 28 January 2023
Electing Morteza Soltani
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The first international conference of Alborz Province Investment Opportunities was held and Their Excellencies, Honourable Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs, Governor of the Province, top managers of the province, national and foreign investors, and industrials attended in the conference. In this conference, Morteza Soltani, the chairman of the board of directors and the managing director of Zar Research and Industrial Group, was introduced as superior investor of Albroz Province and was appreciated.As reported by Public Relations of Zar Research and Industrial Group, Farhadi, the Governor of Alborz Province, delivered speech and said: “The great conference of introducing investment opportunities in Alborz Province has created special opportunity for investors and managers to set stage for bilateral and multilateral cooperation and participation through sharing the approaches and experiences. In collaboration with private sector and investment consultants and using entire its capacities and potentials, Alborz Province Governor’s Office tries to provide more suitable conditions for business expansion and support national and foreign investment by legal measures and mechanisms.”He added: All authorities of executive organizations are expected to consider support of investment as an important duty so that paying attention to investment expansion play its role as all-embracing and all-sided culture.”At the end of this conference, Morteza Soltani, was introduced and appreciated as superior investor of the province for his continuous and tireless efforts in promoting Iranian industries and implementation of big industrial projects.

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