Today 28 January 2023
For four consecutive years
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In Fifteenth Conference of National Day of Export, Zar Macarone was introduced and appreciated as national exemplary exporter for fourth time during most recent four years.

As reported by International Relations of Research and Industrial Group, the title was awarded to Zar Macarone for important features such as export jumping, ratio of exports in total sales, maintaining and expansion of target markets, and receiving qualitative export certificates.

In this conference, Morteza Soltani, the chairman of the board f directors and managing director of Zar Research and Industrial Group, delivered speech as representative of the exporters of industry sector.



Full Text of the Speech


In the Name of God

Hello everybody,

The children of this land are children of effort, hardness and devotion and have always passed the neck bottles appeared along the rich history of Iran honoured, successful, and victorious.

Today, the sacred blood of the martyrs such as Martyr Hemmat is boiling and roaring and the high status of these great men of the world of devotion is the guide and example of the men and women of this country.

The soldiers of holy struggle in the arena of production and industry too are continuously standing firm during these years of sanction and pressure of enemies and are working toward sustainable development of the country in most complete way. And as the Great Leader has said, producing is an act of worship.

This year is the Year of Economic Jihad. This year is a year in which Jihad-like movement is needed to pass through the neck bottles. This year is a year in which the obstacles shall be overcome and have the glorious flag of Iran fluttering in the wind on highest summits.

“We are not that wave running away from the sea, we are the sea itself…”

The crusade of the dear soldiers of production and industry during these years brought about growth of non-oil exports. In spite of all sanctions and foreign pressures, private sector has never stopped endeavour. Private sector with its science-centered management and full of love of this land, are in a trend of going forward toward higher quality, more efficiency, and more production.

The industrials of today consider production as duties to God, count fellow-feeling sincerity as important principles of success, and, being together, have passed through most difficult conditions. Thus, they never consider trivial and narrow margins an obstacle on the way of fulfillment of duties. In fact, the Iranian society of industry and production will never let an exception with share of 5% of the whole, overshadow the big 95 per cent.

I said “exception” in the sense that such as event may not be seen as a principle.

Let us be fair, banking system of the country, backed by its sincere and honest experts have appraised properly and independently thousands and millions of projects during the years. Our banks have always been backing production and industry and have been backing of them. Truly, if there were not banks’ support for a while, undoubtedly the wheels of industry would stop.

It is contrary to noble-mindedness to put question mark in front of country’s banking body because of one marginal event. This will be an unfair and improper act and will be double pressure on production. The wheels of economy will stop revolving and thousands of problems will arise.

Mt dears, the banking network shall be honoured for its sincere endeavour during these years because dear Iranian nation is proud of them. They shall be valued dearly, their motivation must be renewed.

His Excellency, the President, and the authorities of this administration, are able to revive their motivation. Or else, there will be a wide gap between banks and products and this will endanger the general interests of the country.

The production and industry situation is very sensitive. A small distance between them and banking network is dangerous. We must pass through this stage with more fellow-feeling. May we witness the materialization of vision in horizon of 2025 side by side.


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