Today 2 December 2022
During the visit of head of Foodstuff and Processing Industries Department of FA ...
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During the visit of head of Foodstuff and Processing Industries Department of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization, a specialized agency of UN) who was accompanied by the experts of Agricultural Industries and Agricultural Jihad Affairs Office, it was decided that FAO and Zar Research and Industrial Group have mutual cooperation with each other.As reported by Public Relations of Zar Research and Industrial Group, during their visit from the Group, detailed explanation of the activities of the Group was presented to thr visitors. Mr. Kazor expressed his delight from being in the complex and said: “Certainly, Iranian pasta industry has absolutely suitable place in the this region of the world and the activities fulfilled in this complex have been highly effective and appreciable. Existing orderly in the complex and attendance of experts have made the Group one of the best producers of pasta in the region.” He added: “United Nations and FAO, consider the needs, requests, and problems facing different countries, response their requests and thus mutual cooperation in different fields start.”Head of Foodstuff and Processing Industries Department of FAO pointed out the possibility of spiritual and financial support of FAO from research and executive projects and invited the Group to enter this arena. Furthermore, Zar Research and Industrial Group was encouraged to prepare in “proposal form” research projects including projects on wheat consumption manner, bread, and pasta in different countries of the region, expansion of high-yielding varieties of wheat in Iran, developing a culture and developing better methods of consuming cereals, and …, all after making studies and in collaboration with the experts of Agricultural Jihad.

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