Today 2 December 2022
Zar Research and Industrial Group establishes Zar Science-Based Center
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For expanding the research activities and for developing science-centered economy and industry, Zar Research and Industrial Group establishes Zar Science-Based Center.

Morteza Soltani, the chairman of the board of directors of the Group, gave above piece of news and added: “The main condition of success in industry is its convergence to and proximity with science. In fact, without binding of science and industry and without their interaction no progress may be expected. Therefore, besides production activities, R&D shall be seriously supported.”  He added: " During its lifelong, Zar Research and Industrial Group has always paid special attention to research and in the meanwhile has never neglected training of human force. For the sake of training and bringing up efficient and science-oriented human force, last year the Group opened its own Scientific and Applied Training Institute. In current year, the Group succeeded in getting Establishment License from Alborz Province Industries and Mines Organization for establishment of Zar Science-Based Center. The Center is commissioned to define and do vast research programs in all fields related to foodstuff industry specially corn processes in collaboration with reputable national and international higher education centers.”

Soltani enumerated other missions of the Center as follows: “Organizing international professional and scientific symposiums and forums, festivals for selecting and introducing superior research works, publishing professional books and scientific journals, organizing educational workshops, and setting up Internet databases, among other duties.”


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